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5 Sep 2013 - 13

European Digital Rights wishes to thank:

The Open Society Institute for co-funding the bi-weekly newsletter EDRI-gram since January 2003 and for having co-funding the Brussels Office from November 2003 to November 2004 and for funding the redesign of this website in August 2004;

Floatleft for having created the design for this EDRI website and implementing Drupal as content management system;

XS4ALL Internet for their sponsoring the server from 2002-2007.

Quintessenz for hosting the EDRI mailing lists until 2013.

CCC for hosting EDRI internal wiki until 2013

The former board members of DB.NL, the digital rights movement in the Netherlands that ceased to exist in 2001, for donating the remaining funds to EDRI-gram in 2005.

And the many individuals and organizations who have been helping EDRI with their donations of time, money or other resources



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