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26 August, 2009

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Deutsch: Agenda

10-12 September 2009, Potsdam, Germany
5th ECPR General Conference, Potsdam Section: Protest Politics Panel: The Contentious Politics of Intellectual Property

12 September 2009, Worldwide
2nd International Action Day "Freedom not Fear - Stop the Surveillance Mania" Demonstrations, Events, Privacy Parties etc. in many countries

16-18 September 2009, Crete, Greece
World Summit on the Knowledge Society WSKS 2009

17-18 September 2009, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Gikii, A Workshop on Law, Technology and Popular Culture
Institute for Information Law (IViR) - University of Amsterdam

23-24 September 2009, Copenhagen, Denmark
The Net will not forget
European conference on ICT and Privacy

29-30 September 2009, Warsaw, Poland
3rd International Conference "Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online"

1-2 October 2009, Barcelona, Spain
6th Communia Workshop: Memory Institutions and Public Domain

16 October 2009, Bielefeld, Germany
10th German Big Brother Awards

21-23 October 2009, Istanbul, Turkey
eChallenges 2009

24 October 2009, Zurich, Switzerland
Big Brother Awards Switzerland
Deadline for nominations: 31 August 2009

24-25 October 2009, Vienna, Austria
3rd European Privacy Open Space

25 October 2009, Vienna, Austria
Austrian Big Brother Awards
Deadline for nominations: 21 September 2009

29 October - 1 November 2009, Barcelona, Spain
Free Culture Forum: Organization and Action

3 November 2009, Madrid, Spain
Civil Society Conference: "Global Privacy Standards for a Global Economy"
Organized by Electronic Privacy Information Center

4-6 November 2009, Madrid, Spain
31st International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy

13-15 November 2009, Gothenburg, Sweden
Free Society Conference and Nordic Summit

15-18 November 2009, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
UN Internet Governance Forum



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