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Three strikes law version 2 - one step closer to adoption in France

23 September, 2009

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Deutsch: Die Annahme der zweiten Version des Drei Treffer-Gesetzes rückt in Fr...

On 15 September 2009, the French deputies adopted the amended version of the three strikes law (also known as Hadopi 2) by only 55% votes. A day after, the mixed paritary commission made of seven senators and seven deputies validated in its turn the version voted by the deputies.

Minister of Culture Frédéric Mitterrand announced after the adoption of the text that both Hadopi 1 and Hadopi 2 will be applied starting with the end of this year when he would also make his propositions for a third text, Hadopi 3.

Socialist deputy Patrick Bloche has reaffirmed the opposition's intention to appeal to the Constitutional Council to stop the text as it happened in June with the first version of the law, Hadopi 1. "We vigorously contest the creation of a sanction for negligence which flagrantly violates the principle according to which someone can be judged only for his (her) acts" said the deputy.

"The HADOPI is a disturbing step towards the control of information circulating on the Internet by economic and political actors. All seem to agree now to stifle this great space of expression and freedom that we, as citizens, must protect," stated Jeremie Zimmermann, spokesperson for La Quadrature du Net. In La Quadrature du Net's opinion, "this legal text severely put into question the Republican values which are the presumption of innocence and the right to an equitable procedure." "HADOPI is a worrying stage towards the control of information on the Net by economic and political actors." commented Jérémie Zimmermann.

Already the law is considered by many as obsolete having in view the permanent technological progress which allows for several methods to go round the restrictions of the law. Right after the adoption of the text, searches of "going around Hadopi" would result in almost 60 000 responses on the Internet.

The Senate gave its final vote on the draft law on 21 September and it is no suprise that the lower Chamber of the French Parliament also gave its positive final vote the next day. The only step that could now stop the law remains the appeal to the Constitutional Council.

Hadopi 2 law adopted in the Assembly by 55 % of deputies (only in French, 15.09.2009)

La Quadrature du Net is waiting for the Constitutional Council's advice (only in French, 15.09.2009)

Hadopi law validated, but already obsolete (only in French, 16.09.2009)

France passes three-strikes bill (15.09.2009)

EDRI-gram: Hadopi 2's final vote is postponed till 15 September (29.07.2009)



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