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3 July, 2013

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Deutsch: Agenda

5-7 July 2013, Cologne, Germany
SIGINT is an annual three-day conference on technical and social aspects of our digital society

6-11 July 2013, Brussels, Belgium
14th Libre Software Meeting

9 July 2013, Brussels, Belgium
JURI workshop on legal aspects of free and open source software

9 July 2013, Brussels, Belgium
Earth Connections and Small Networks: A Greens/EFA workshop in the European Parliament

31 July – 4 August 2013, Geestmerambacht, Netherlands
Observe. Hack. Make. - OHM2013

7 September 2013, Berlin, Germany
Demonstration "Freiheit statt Angst" / rally against surveillance

14-15 September 2013, Vienna, Austria
Daten, Netz & Politik 2013 - DNP13

17-18 September 2013, Geneva, Switzerland
2013 Open Knowledge Conference (OKCon)

18-20 September 2013, Berlin, Germany
8th International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC 2013)

23-26 September 2013, Warsaw, Poland
Public Voice Conference 2013 35th International Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners conference

24-25 September 2013, Brussels, Belgium
EU hackaton - hack4yourrights This year’s theme is privacy

27-30 September 2013, Brussels, Belgium
Freedom not Fear 2013

22-25 October 2013, Bali, Indonesia
Internet Governance Forum 2013

25-27 October 2013, Siegen, Germany
Cyberpeace - FIfF Annual Meeting 2013

22-24 January 2014, Brussels, Belgium
CPDP 2014: Reforming data protection: The Global Perspective

24-25 April 2014, Barcelona, Spain
SSN 2014: Surveillance Ambiguities & Assymetries



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