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EDRi's guide on how to answer the IPRED consultation

27 February, 2013

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Deutsch: EDRi Leitfaden zur Konsultation zum Urheberrecht

This is just a quick warning that you have until 30 March 2013 if you want to answer to the public consultation on the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive (IPRED). The directive has been in force since 2004 and requires all Member States to apply remedies and penalties against those engaged in "commercial" infractions of intellectual property law. This is the Directive which is partly responsible for the heavy-handed injunctions that are being imposed by some courts.

The European Commission has recently launched this consultation in order to evaluate the efficiency of the current framework and the necessity of a revision. However, some parts of the questionnaire dangerously lead the reader to believe that Internet companies should be in charge of dealing with alleged infringements. This would seriously undermine freedom of expression online, the right to a fair trial and to privacy.

It is therefore absolutely crucial that the European Commission receives diverse input from citizens and organisations. This is a perfect occasion to tell the Commission that a comprehensive copyright reform is needed - instead of measures in the spirit of ACTA. However, since the Commission did not make it easy to respond, EDRi put together an answering guide to help you through the questionnaire. Here are the different steps you need to take to answer the consultation:

1. In order to get access to the consultation you need to register, by providing your name and email address at

2. You will receive an email with the subject “IPM Invitation” by the Commission providing you with a unique access link so you can respond to the consultation. Please note that it can take some time before the registration is processed. There are also reports of slowness and time-outs at weekends and of Gmail filtering registration details as “spam”. Therefore, please be patient with the Commission's technology!

3. If you follow the invitation by clicking on the unique access link, you will be able to answer the questionnaire.

4. Our answering guide is here

Background information on the current consultation

For more background information on IPRED and the copyright reform in Europe you can check EDRi booklet “Copyright: Challenges of the digital era”

(Contribution by Kirsten Fiedler - EDRi)



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