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Article 29 WP takes the next step in its Google investigation

13 March, 2013

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Deutsch: Artikel 29 Gruppe setzt nächsten Ermittlungsschritt in Sachen Google

In October 2012, Article 29 Working Party (representing the data protection authorities (DPAs) of the EU member states) made recommendations to Google to solve certain deficiencies regarding its privacy policy. Now the group believes that the company has not taken the necessary measures to address the highlighted issues and therefore it is still in non-compliance of Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC.

In the plenary session meeting of 26 February 2013, the EU DPAs decided to continue their investigations on Google and to take all necessary actions in their power and according to their competences, under the coordination of a taskforce led by the French DPA (CNIL).

It appears as if the data protection authorities are no longer willing to close their eyes to Google’s irregularities.

The DPAs taskforce will meet in the coming weeks and Google will be invited for a hearing. Some of the issues that could be questioned by the DPAs include the conditions of Google’s transfer, to application developers, of personal information of all Android device users having purchased an application from the “Google Play” app store and the conditions under which data has been transferred outside the EU, the lack of response to CNIL’s questions regarding Google’s changes in its privacy policy or the privacy issues in new projects, such as Google Glass.

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