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27 March, 2013

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Today, 27 March 2013, is the Document Freedom Day.
In 30 countries around the world, activists are celebrating Open Standards on today's Document Freedom Day, an annual campaign to promote Open Standards. More than 50 groups are hosting events around the world, from Brussels to Nicaragua to Taiwan.

UK: Cameron, stop the Dangerous Blogs Bill.
The Leveson regulations are being applied to UK websites – in ways that could catch more or less anyone who publishes a blog. Ordinary bloggers could be threatened with exemplary damages and costs. If this happens, small website publishers will face terrible risks, or burdensome regulation – and many may simply stop publishing.

UK: Launch of medConfidential, a campaign organisation fighting for patient privacy
Medical confidentiality in England is under unprecedented threat. New legislation that comes into force next month will permit the upload of identifiable patient data directly from family doctors' records to central systems, from which it will be sold and made available to researchers and private companies. Other developments include the creation of online patient records, and a proposal to create shared record systems across health and social care.

Digital Agenda: Commission opens consultations on media freedom and pluralism and audiovisual media regulator independence
Deadline: 14 June 2013



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