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Swedish police to increase its fight against file-sharing

10 April, 2013

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Deutsch: Schwedische Polizei will härter gegen File-Sharer vorgehen

In a recent report, Sweden’s National Police Board proposes measures meant to increase its performance in fighting copyright infringements, as a result of meetings with entertainment company rightsholders. The changes proposed include the creation of a team focused on intellectual property crimes and additional, more accessible forensic resources for a more successful prosecution of copyright infringement cases.

The rightsholders had told the police that they could report “significantly more crimes” (referring of course to alleged online copyright infringements) if the police were better equipped and they also complained that the police response times were too long. Another complaint was that, in their opinion, the police investigators lacked technical competence leading to a lower quality of the investigations. The structure and organization of the police systems and personnel was also in question and the rightholders suggested that there was a need of more investigators, police officers, forensic staff and civilians involved.

As a result, the Swedish police proposes the creation of a single central group focused on the protection of intellectual property. Considering that intellectual property investigations are “often expensive and complicated”, the report says that such a collective group “would facilitate the prioritization of cases and also facilitate the contact with prosecutors and external parties, such as plaintiffs, international authorities and agencies. The group would consist of “a head, investigators, administrative assistance and designated IT forensic staff linked to the group. With the current starting point it is reasonable for the group to consist of around 20 people.”

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