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EDRi and BEUC demand protection for Net Neutrality

24 April, 2013

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Deutsch: EDRi und BEUC fordern Wahrung der Netzneutralität

A joint letter sent by the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) and European Digital Rights (EDRi) to the European Commission on 17 April 2013 demanded the end of dangerous experimentations with the functioning of the Internet in Europe and the protection of the principles of openness and neutrality.

BEUC and EDRi fear that the upcoming non-binding Recommendations on net neutrality will be based on meaningless safeguards such as the possibility to switch operators and an obligation for each operator to have at least one full internet offer. This approach would mean that the European Commission will be facilitating the creation of new barriers in the digital "single market" at the same time as it is trying to remove existing ones. A European start-up whose access to its potential market is being restricted will gain no comfort from the blocking being "transparent" or the fact that consumers would be able to use their service if they change providers.

EDRi and BEUC joint letter on Net Neutrality (17.04.2013)

Net Neutrality timeline

More details on EDRi website (17.04.2013)



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