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Finland: Common Sense in Copyright Law

24 April, 2013

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Deutsch: Finnland: Gesunder Menschenverstand im Urheberrecht

The Finnish campaign "Common Sense in Copyright Law" organized a blackout day 23 April 2013 to market the citizens' initiative, which would strip the worst parts out of the Finnish copyright law and add German-style fairness-requirement to the copyright contracts. More than 50 websites participated to the event, which was also widely published in the Finnish media.

The initiative has to collect 50 000 signatures before 23 July to get submitted to the Finnish parliament. It has currently 27 600 collected signatures, which is 55% of the required names.

Finnish copyright initiative (only in Finnish)

Finnish Websites Go Dark to Support a Fair Copyright Law (23.04.2013)

(Contribution by Ville Oksanen - EDRi member EFFi)



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