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8 May, 2013

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Deutsch: Lesestoff

Twenty years of a free, open web (30.04.2013) On 30 April 1993 CERN published a statement that made World Wide Web technology available on a royalty free basis, allowing the web to flourish

re:publica 2013 - Joe McNamee: Freedom of speech, nipples and the rule of law (6.05.2013)

Global Coalition Of NGOs Call To Investigate & Disable FinFisher’s Espionage Equipment in Pakistan (3.05.2013)

The Right to Share: Principles on Freedom of Expression and Copyright in the Digital Age (25.04.2013)

The Sky is Rising (2013)
Regional study of the entertainment industries in Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Russia and Spain.

The Right to Blog (3.05.2013)
In this policy paper, ARTICLE 19 proposes a set of recommendations to state actors and policy makers about what they should do to promote and protect the rights of bloggers domestically and internationally.



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