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18 December, 2003

Privacy on the Internet by Matej Kovacic is an interesting bi-lingual book about all the different aspects of privacy in the information society (English and Slovenian). The chapter about privacy of information and privacy of communication in Slovenia provides welcome insight in the state of affairs in this EU accession country.

Kovacic writes: "Although privacy of information is relatively well regulated by existing legislation, the problem is a serious disorder in practice, even though this field is subject to supervision by inspection agencies." Privacy of information is guaranteed constitutionally (and sanctioned in the Penal Code), by the Personal Data Protection Act and by the Convention for the protection of individals with regard to automatic processing of personal data. In its 2001 annual report, the Inspectorate for Personal Data Protection notes an increase in the number of complaints by individuals about privacy violations. These cases are about inadequate protection of data, databases with information from video surveillance without written consent, excessively long periods of personal data storage or storage of an excessive amount of personal data.

The new European directive on privacy and electronic communications (2002/58/EC) is having its devastating effects on data retention in Slovenia as well. According to Kovacic "A measure that is currently under preparation will oblige member states to legally bind telecommunications providers to store traffic data from 12 to 24 months. These data are already available to state authorities on the basis of court order."

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