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ENDitorial: Belgian music industry acts to undermine copyright law

19 October, 2011

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Deutsch: ENDitorial: Belgische Musikindustrie versucht Urheberrecht zu untergraben

We have all heard the music industry make claims about the vast amount of "piracy" going on, such as the estimation that from 2008 to 2015, the music industry was going to lose an amount equivalent to the combined national debt of Greece and Italy. The ever-impartial European Commission has been similarly apocalyptic in its analysis of the situation - describing illegal filesharing as "ubiquitous" in its report on application of the IPR Enforcement Directive.

ECJ decides private copying levies are not allowed for business use

3 November, 2010

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Deutsch: 'Abgabe für Privatkopien' laut EuGH auf gewerbliche Nutzer nicht anwe...

On 21 October 2010, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that private copying levies on blank CDs, MP3 players and other digital media are allowed under EU copyright law only when charged on goods sold to individuals but not to companies.

ECJ ruled that "the application of the 'private copying levy' to reproduction media acquired by undertakings and professionals for purposes other than private copying is not compatible with European Union law.

ENDitorial: Leaked draft of the new Czech Copyright Act

25 August, 2010

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Deutsch: ENDitorial: Entwurf zum neuen CR-Urheberrechtsgesetz durchgesickert

A leaked draft of the new Czech Copyright Act was obtained by Pirate News at the beginning of August 2010, after the Ministry of Culture has initially declined the request of Czech Pirate Party to have access to the document three days after the draft was sent out for feedback to organizations affected by the proposal.

Possible solutions for remunerating content creators in the digital era

16 June, 2010

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Deutsch: Urheberrecht im digitalen Zeitalter

On 8 June 2010, Green Party Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) hosted the conference Financing Culture in the Digital Era on how to balance easy public access to culture with guaranteed remuneration for content providers.

The purpose of the meeting was to try and find "mutually beneficial solutions" to ensure access to culture while ensuring a decent living to the creators of online content at the same time.

Set backs for Danish and Norwagian anti-piracy groups

18 November, 2009

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Deutsch: Rückschlag für dänische und norwegische Anti-Piraterie-Gruppen

The Danish Antipiratgruppen representing the movie and music industries has recently announced it gives up attempts to sue alleged copyright infringers following several defeats in court.

"It requires very strong and concrete evidence to have these people convicted. We simply could not lift the burden of proof," stated Antipiratgruppen lawyer Mary Fredenslund explaining the group's decision.

Out of the four cases of alleged illegal downloading brought before the High Court in one year, three trials have resulted in the defendants being acquitted due to insufficient evidence.

Free as in Free Culture

5 November, 2009

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Deutsch: Frei wie in freie Kultur

Free Culture Forum (FCF), organized by the Spanish NGO Exgae together with Networked Politics and the Free Knowledge Institute turned Barcelona in the capital of free culture for 3 days.

Extended copyright term for sound recordings pushed back

8 April, 2009

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Deutsch: Verlängerte Urheberrechtsfrist für Tonaufnahmen abgelehnt

The proposal for the extension of the copyright terms for sound recordings was rejected on 27 March 2009 by COREPER, which has the task to negotiate a consensus before the EU Council of Ministers takes votes.

To the great disappointment of the recording industry, COREPER rejected the extension of the copyright term as there was no consensus of the Member States on the matter.

Irish ISP Association rejects the copyright industry threats

25 March, 2009

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Deutsch: Irische ISP-Vereinigung weist die Drohungen der Copyrightindustrie ab

This article is also available in:
Macedonian: Ирската асоцијација на интернет прова...

After several weeks of silence in the the Eircom deal with IRMA (Irish Recorded Music Association), the Irish ISP Association (ISPAI) has reacted considering the legal threats as spurious and that there is no evidence of wrong-doing by Internet Service Providers.

The Irish ISP scandal has starte

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