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Intellectual Property Enforcement

German newspapers sued for pointing out an alleged illegal site

11 September, 2013

At the end of August 2013, a group of German publishers sued newspapers Der Tagesspiegel and Die Zeit, accusing them of assisting copyright infringement for having printed an interview with the operator of an alleged unauthorized ebook site, giving the site name as well - TorBoox, which claims to be the largest ebook piracy site in Germany, with 1.5 million books downloaded monthly.

While hosting copyright infringing material may be considered illegal, and, in some cases, linking to illegal content and indexing links containing illegal material has been considered illegal, to consider publishing an interview and just naming an illegal site as an infringement seems a little far fetched.

“With the direct and multiple naming of the Internet address the reader is immediately

The French three strikes system gave up on Internet disconnection

17 July, 2013

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Deutsch: Three-Strikes: Frankreich verabschiedet sich von Netzsperren

The French three strikes law, known as Hadopi, has for years generated debate and controversy, primarily because it allowed for the disconnection of the Internet connections of individuals deemed to have illegally downloaded copyrighted material. Now, however, there is a slight ray of sunshine in the matter. The French Government has given up on this approach.

On 9 July 2013, a decree was published eliminating the possibility to cut off users’ connections for alleged copyright infringement.

Unanimous JURI vote on Collective Rights Management directive

17 July, 2013

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Deutsch: EP-Rechtsausschuss: Einstimmige Entscheidung zur kollektiven Rechtever...

The proposal from the European Commission for a Directive on collective management and related rights and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online uses in the internal market (hereafter Collective Rights Management Directive) was a good start to put an end to some of the unreasonable practices by collecting societies around Europe.

On 9 July, the Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) voted on the report lead by Marielle Gallo (EPP, France) amending the Collective

Could web browsing infringe copyright?

3 July, 2013

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Deutsch: Kann Surfen im Internet gegen das Urheberrecht verstoßen?

Do you violate copyright law by using an Internet browser? This is, in short, the question that the UK Supreme Court is asking the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ) in a preliminary ruling.

Still no access to ACTA documents

19 June, 2013

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Deutsch: Noch immer kein Zugang zu ACTA-Dokumenten

Today, 19 June 2013, the European Commission answered within the time limit it had set for itself to answer to DFRI's requests for ACTA documents. On 29 May 2013 the Commission extended the time limit with 15 working days arguing the "new time limit" was statutory under Article 7(3) of Regulation (EC) No 1049/2001.

TTIP - a brief victory of hope over experience

22 May, 2013

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Deutsch: TTIP – ein flüchtiger Sieg der Hoffnung über die Erfahrung

The European Commission this week started providing some insight into its plans for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) – in an event in the European Parliament organised by Dutch Liberal MEP, Marietje Schaake and in a “civil society” meeting in the Commission itself.

Both meetings started very promisingly.

Greek justice to rule on blocking sites by ISPs

8 May, 2013

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Deutsch: Griechenland: Justiz muss über Netzsperren durch ISPs entscheiden

AEPI, the Greek Society for the Protection of Intellectual Property, has filed an action in court to have several major torrent sites, among which KickAssTorrents, isoHunt, 1337x and H33T, blocked by ISPs, according to a report from Torrentfreak.

The Greek anti-piracy group AEPI has first filed a temporary injunction against several ISPs (including OTE, Wind, Vodafone, Forthnet, Hellas Online, On Telecoms and the academic GRNET) to force them to block the respective sites by IP and DNS.

A Monster from Rome – huge crackdown action on "file-sharing"

24 April, 2013

In an action that has become known as “A Monster from Rome”, the Italian Public Prosecutor of Rome ordered on 15 April 2013 the blocking of 27 file-sharing related sites at the request of Sunshine Pictures, the Italian distributor of the French animated film “A Monster in Paris”.

The list which has been made public includes mainly storage and streaming sites such as Rapidgator, one of the world’s largest file-hosting sites, Uploaded, BitShare, NowVideo, NowDownload, VideoPremium, QueenShare and ClipsHouse.

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