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Net Neutrality

Informal discussion in European Parliament on net neutrality

20 October, 2010

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Deutsch: Informelle Diskussion zur Netzneutralität im Europäischen Parlament

For possibly the first time since the adoption of the "telecoms package", an informal discussion on the issue of "net neutrality" took place at a breakfast meeting hosted by Catherine Trautmann MEP. This happened ahead of upcoming the net neutrality "summit" planned to take place in the European Parliament.

None of the positions defended by the industry or consumer representatives were particularly surprising, with Telefonica arguing that the "nightmare" of increased demands of their services had to be responded to by increased "management".

ENDitorial: Council of Europe: Bad news as it happens

6 October, 2010

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Deutsch: ENDitorial: Reichlich schlechte Nachrichten vom Europarat

The third Council of Europe (CoE) Committee of experts on new media (MC-NM), held on 27-28 September 2010 in Strasbourg, is likely to dampen enthusiasm.

To start with, the current vice-chair Michael Truppe is leaving the group to hold another position on the Austrian scene.

EDRi's answer to net neutrality consultation

6 October, 2010

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Deutsch: EDRis Beitrag zur Konsultation über Netzneutralität

Who gets to decide what you do on the internet: you or your internet service provider? Until recently, the answer was simple: you decide which services and websites you want to visit. This is changing rapidly, however. Most internet providers want to restrict your internet traffic. Unless the European Commission prohibits them from doing so.

EDRi, in a common submission with its member Bits of Freedom, urged the European Commission to prohibit this.

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